What to Wear for Your Passport Photo: Expert Tips

When taking a passport photo, what you wear is more important than you may think. Wearing the right attire can be the difference between having your passport application accepted or rejected. Below are some expert tips on what to wear for your passport photo.

Stick to Simple and Plain Attire

It’s best to stick to simple, plain-colored clothing for your passport photo. Avoid wearing uniforms or clothes with patterns as they can be distracting. Stick to darker, solid colors that contrast well with the white or off-white background.

No Glasses or Hats

The rules are clear: glasses and hats are not allowed in passport photos unless worn daily for religious reasons. If you typically wear glasses, it’s recommended to remove them for the photo to avoid potential issues with the reflection in the lens.

Avoid Bright or White Clothing

Avoid wearing white or bright clothing as it can blend with the background and affect the quality of the photo. Remember, the background should be white or off-white, so a contrast between your attire and the background is necessary.

Jewelry and Makeup

While you are allowed to wear jewelry and makeup, it’s essential to keep it minimal. Anything that dramatically alters your appearance could lead to your photo being rejected. The aim is to look as natural as possible.

Uniforms and Religious Attire

Wearing uniforms in passport photos is generally not allowed. However, if you wear religious clothing daily, such as a hijab or turban, you are permitted to wear it in your photo. But it must not cover your face.

Attire for Babies and Children

When taking passport photos for babies and young children, comfort is key. Stick to simple, solid-colored clothing. Hats and headbands should be avoided as they can obscure the face or hairline.

Check Your Appearance Before Taking the Photo

Before capturing your passport photo, check your appearance. Make sure your hair is neat and off your face. Your entire face, from the top of your forehead to your chin, should be clearly visible.

Choose the Right Platform for Your Passport Photos

Whether you’re taking a DIY passport photo, using your iPhone, or looking for a digital passport photo, it’s important to know where to get your passport photos. Services like our AI-Powered Passport Photos can help ensure your photo meets all official requirements, reducing the risk of your passport application being rejected.


What you wear in your passport photo plays a crucial role in whether or not your application gets accepted. By following these tips, you’re well on your way to capturing a passport photo that meets all the necessary requirements.

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